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Video Will witnessing now legal in England and Wales

As of September 2020, the Wills Act 1837 will be amended to allow the two Will witnesses to be virtually or physically present. This is a very welcomed announcement due to the challenges placed by those trying to plan for their future during the COVID-19 pandemic. With shielding, isolation and social distancing measures in place […]

Wills, probate and estate administration in a COVID-19 world

It’s no secret – the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has posed several challenges to almost every aspect of our lives. The Wills and probate industry is no exception. Processes, laws and timelines have all been pushed to their limits over the past few months as we navigate through this global crisis. Things that we have all […]

COVID-19 impacts probate applications

In June, it was widely reported that HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) had been receiving a surge in probate applications. The Government tried to manage the surge in demand by hiring additional staff and upskilling existing staff to clear the backlog which resulted in average turnaround times of five to six weeks. In a […]

Is a Mirror Will right for you and your partner?

So many couples make “Mirror Wills” that leave everything to each other, assuming their estate will benefit their partner for life and then go to their children or grandchildren. Sadly, that’s not always what happens…… What is a Mirror Will Mirror Wills are simply identical Wills that a couple make, leaving everything to each other and […]

Over £30million in Bitcoin stolen raising concerns about the safety of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is digital money that is stored in a virtual wallet and uses encryption techniques to generate currency and verify the transfer of funds. Cryptocurrency is once again in the spotlight after this latest security blow hit the headlines. One of the world’s largest digital coin exchanges, Binance, admitted that hackers had stolen over £30million in […]

What does it mean to be named as an Executor?

Around six million people have experience of acting as the Executor of a Will but just 4% realise that they are legally responsible for the accurate distribution of the estate that is entrusted to them. Past research has shown that 96% of Executors did not realise that they were legally and financially responsible for the […]

Protect your Home from Sideways Disinheritance.

If you were to die and your partner remarried your home may be at risk of being lost to the new spouse, leaving your children with nothing. Thankfully there are legal steps that you can take to prevent this happening. At Farsight Wills we specialise in ensuring that you and your family are protected against […]