Meeting a Farsight Wills Consultant

Too many people have no Will, or  LPA because they find the subjects too daunting, too expensive or both. We want to change that.

At Farsight Wills we are keen to make Wills, Trusts and LPAs easier to understand and more affordable for everyone. We make the whole process as simple as possible but you can help by preparing for our first meeting.

It works like this

  • Arrange

    We charge nothing for a visit to our offices, if you prefer we can come to your home, again there is NO charge.

  • Prepare

    Prior to that meeting we will send you a free information pack which will include instruction forms for the products you are seeking.

    Before our meeting you will need to speak to and gain the agreement of those you want to nominate as executors and attorneys. Also you will need to have available the full particulars of each, including full names and addresses. This will then leave you and your adviser with more time to discuss your specific needs and aspirations.

  • Visit

    With a little preparation all we need is about an hour of your time and provided you’re happy to proceed subject to our written Terms of Business and fixed fee we go on to draft your Will.

  • Peace of mind

    The balance is paid upon production of the agreed final documents.

    Farsight Wills is a byword for quality and good value for Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney and Trust services.