Online Wills

It is of course possible to use an online Will writing service or write your Will yourself. This is a perfectly legal and legitimate procedure, but the risks are great.

Remember, everything you have worked so hard for throughout your life is covered by your Will. It is a legal document that will help safeguard your family after you are gone. It makes no sense to risk it all by cutting corners.

Your Will needs to be accurate at a time when you won’t be around to clarify any of the finer details. A Last Will and Testament is an individual, personal document tailored to suit your particular circumstances and it should be written by a qualified and experienced specialist such as Farsight Wills.

To do this satisfactorily requires a face-to-face discussion to carefully consider your wishes and individual circumstances and how they can be incorporated clearly whilst minimising administration, potential disputes and taxation.

Unlike many legal practitioners we don’t charge an hourly rate for any of our consultation. Farsight Wills believe in transparency at all times, this includes all of our costs. Fees are fixed, upfront and in writing before we begin. Only when you are happy with the fixed price quotation will we proceed.

Although there are many pitfalls to creating your own Will or having it produced online here are just two simple examples:

  • If asked “how many children do you have?”, would you know whether to include natural children, step-children, illegitimate children, foster children or adopted children?
  • If asked to put an approximate value of your estate in order to minimise Inheritance Tax liability, would you know what to include, and what could be discounted?

If you put the wrong figure or incorrect information on an impersonal online questionnaire, it could make a total nonsense of the resulting Will. Those that you are attempting to protect would end up in more financial and emotional difficulty than if you had not have even bothered in the first place.

It’s just not worth the risk. Contact us today and we can help you write your Will properly so that your family are looked after as you would wish.